Angkor New Code of Conduct

Since 2015, a code of conduct has been in place to ensure visitors experience the majesty of Angkor Wat while respecting its cultural and religious significance. This blog post will guide you through the seven key points to ensure a respectful and enriching visit.

Dressing for the Occasion:

Angkor Wat is a sacred place, and appropriate attire is essential. Short shorts and sleeveless shirts are not allowed within the temple complex. Luckily, many travelers are already aware of this thanks to a previous blog post (wink, wink). Since August 2016, visitors who don’t meet the dress code can’t even purchase an Angkor Wat pass at the time. Pack accordingly to avoid any delays!

Preserving the Past:

We all have the natural urge to touch historical artifacts. However, at Angkor Wat, constant contact can damage the delicate stones. Resist the temptation and admire these wonders with your eyes.

Maintaining Tranquility:

Cambodia values peace and quiet, especially within sacred spaces. Refrain from loud talking, shouting, or boisterous laughter. Let the serenity of the temples wash over you.

Exploring Responsibly:

Signs throughout the park indicate restricted areas. These are often for your safety, so please respect them. Don’t attempt to climb on unstable structures or enter restricted zones.

A Smoke-Free Sanctuary:

Since 2012, smoking has been prohibited throughout Angkor Wat, even outside the temples. Respect this regulation to preserve the park’s pristine environment.

Ethical Souvenirs:

While children selling souvenirs may tug at your heartstrings, resist the urge to buy. They are often kept from attending school to work. Instead, consider supporting local charities that help children receive an education.

Respecting the Monks:

Monks in their saffron robes are a beautiful sight. If you wish to photograph them, always ask for permission first. Remember, women shouldn’t touch monks or their robes, as it’s considered disrespectful.

Consequences of Disrespect:

The code of conduct takes serious offenses like vandalism, public nudity, or exposing genitals very seriously. These acts are considered crimes and will be punished accordingly.

Finding the Code:

The code of conduct is displayed in multiple languages throughout hotels and restaurants in Siem Reap. However, we’ve included the English version here for your convenience.

By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure a respectful and memorable visit to Angkor Wat, preserving its beauty and sanctity for generations to come.