About us

Established in 2008, the Cambodia Hotel Association (CHA) stands as the leading voice for the nation’s vibrant hotel industry. Recognized by the Ministry of Interior, CHA tirelessly empowers its 139+ members, both domestic and international, representing a diverse range of hospitality businesses from across 9 European and Asian countries.

At CHA, your success is our priority. We champion your hotel’s growth by promoting it to domestic and international markets, ensuring your business needs are supported through advocacy and industry resources, and representing your interests in discussions with the Cambodian government. We foster collaboration to cultivate a flourishing hospitality environment for all members.

Join a network of hospitality leaders. Becoming a member of the CHA grants you access to exclusive benefits, valuable networking opportunities, and insightful industry knowledge. Together, we’re building a brighter future for Cambodia’s hotels.

79 Hotels

1000+ Rooms

5000+ Employees

CHA’s key objectives

  • Advocacy: CHA champions the interests of Cambodia’s hotel businesses, representing them before the government.
  • Policy Influence: They actively engage with the government on issues crucial to doing business in Cambodia. This includes proposing studies, working papers, and suggestions for regulations that foster better government-business relations and improve the overall business climate.
  • Market Access: CHA works to make the Cambodian market more accessible to international businesses in the hospitality sector.
  • Member Services: They provide a comprehensive range of services to both members and non-members. This includes economic, legal, technical, financial, and market information specific to Cambodia’s hospitality industry, catering to investors as well.
  • Collaboration: They actively promote collaboration among small and medium-sized hotels and guesthouses, fostering strategic alliances.
  • Tourism Development: CHA plays a crucial role in advocating for the development of both domestic and overseas tourism in Cambodia. They work closely with the government to build strong positions and strategies.
  • Regional Engagement: Understanding the importance of regional tourism, CHA establishes ties with government representatives in different areas to address local issues and enhance the attractiveness of tourist destinations.
  • Information Hub: CHA serves as a central information hub, disseminating up-to-date news on both government policies and industry trends.
  • Member Promotion: They actively promote the businesses of their members, raising their profile and driving success.
  • Knowledge Sharing: CHA conducts workshops and seminars, bringing together government ministries and the private sector to share knowledge and best practices within the industry.
  • Networking: They facilitate networking events for members, fostering connections and collaboration within the hospitality industry.
  • Industry Collaboration: CHA actively participates in the Cambodia Tourism Federation (CTF), working alongside other stakeholders to advance the tourism sector.
  • Global Exposure: They participate in travel fairs and trade shows with suppliers, promoting Cambodia’s hospitality industry on a global stage.

National Chapters

Since 2008, CHA has welcomed the addition of three National Chapters: Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville and Island.